Tomorrow / Today

Tomorrow / Today

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Tomorrow / Today was composed in 2016 for Amphion Percussion, the percussion duo composed of Peter Zlotnick and Sean Connors.
“I had the two simple little musical themes that this piece is based upon in my head for a few years before doing anything about it, but was inspired to put them down on paper by my friend Rob Dillon's advice to a student: ‘start doing what you want to be doing tomorrow today, because you'll turn around and suddenly 10 years from now will be the present’. Concurrently, I heard a segment on NPR that suggested that there is actually no such thing as the present; it is just a perceived line between the past and the future that humans construct for themselves. For example, when you go to the beach, you perceive that there is a line between the water and the sand, where the land meets the sea, but in fact there is no line, just sand and water; we construct that third line in our heads. Those images and that advice made me create a short little piece that has two completely unrelated equal parts, divided by a simple line.” – Sean Connors